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Custom Controls with HTML5 Form in Vue/React

I’ve seen many people implement custom POST requests for submitting form data when using modern SPA Frameworks like Vue & React. Most of the times, the need arises because they are using a custom component. The component’s data cannot be passed as it is using HTML <form>. That’s where input[type=hidden] comes to the rescue.

Using the HTML5 Form reduces the hassle of handling the response manually. It handles form resubmission as well. However, it might not be a good choice if your app is entirely an SPA.

Here’s an example using hidden input with vue-select

<form action="/api/submitForm">
	<v-select v-model="items" multiple>
	<input name="items" type="hidden" v-model="itemList">
	<!-- auto submit -->

The javascript code (using vue-cli) would be something like:

export default {
	data() {
		return {
			items: []
	computed: {
		itemList: function() {
			return items.join(',');

Let me know if you have any questions below!